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PS4 is winning the console wars

PS4 winning

PlayStation 4 hit the markets in 2013. After its release, gamers and critics claimed that PS4 winning the console wars and today, this victory is relevant that ever. Sony has big plans in store for PS4 and one of them is slimming down the standard version of the model which is to be released in the coming week of September.

PS4 is winning with innovations and good strategy

Wall street Journal reports that Sony plans to woo the audience by releasing a higher end version of the console which is solely directed at hard-core gamers who want to get the best out of their gaming experience. It includes high and defined graphics as well. The slim down version of PS4 will be less expensive as compare to the current version that is on shelves. Sony has also reported a cut down in the production of PS4 so that it can make place for the new one on consumer shelves.

The strategy behind Sony’s release of a slimmer version of PS4 comes from a gradual move to subscriptions and software downloads rather than a traditional disc-based software sales.

The new slimmed down and inexpensive version of the console is speculated to be released in New York on the 7th of September, 2016.

PS4 is winning the console wars but Sony plans of taking this gaming console to new heights and the major leap will attract a more casual customer base.

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The future for PS4 users has more in store

When PS4  launched in the gaming market it sold more than 40 million units which surpassed its competitive brands with almost double numbers. Sony plans on combining its fragmented gaming market and is likely to optimize the product to enhance the user experience of reality gaming. Not only this slimmed down version will compete with other brands in the market but will also be a competition to the original PS4.



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