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Popular Buzzwords Often Associated With Content Marketing


Content is still one of the most important factors to promote any business. However, when we talk about content marketing there are many buzzwords (often misunderstood) we hear floating around.

But the problem is all these content buzzwords are highly misunderstood and put under content marketing for the sake of simplicity.

People mix-up content marketing with other marketing buzzwords like native advertising and brand journalism, influencer marketing, purpose-driven marketing, content strategy, content technology, or content distribution and promotion etc.

In this article I’ll talk about some of these terminologies, which are often viewed as synonyms for content marketing.

For those people who want to know what CONTENT MARKETING really is, here we go.


Content marketing is defined as the approach for producing, reusing or publishing a valuable piece of content in order to attract your prospective customers or clients towards your business proposal, which could be buying, selling, or just about delivering a message.

Why Confusing?

People tend to place everything under one roof of content marketing, which makes it much harder to understand what they are actually talking about.


Unlike traditional corporate communication tactics like public relations or CRM, in brand journalism the focus is on the brands and about absorbing its principles to communicate transparently and to manage under changing conditions.

This type of journalism is mainly used by PR professionals, but quite often people mix it up with brand publishing or content marketing. In reality it is used when brands want to report or publish some news about themselves.


This is a type of disguised advertising that matches the form or platform it appears, often done online. Here you try to create reader’s relationship with your brand by sharing mutual interests. It’s quite opposite to traditional paid media techniques where you require sponsorship and advertising.

This form of advertising is used by advertisers and publishers mainly. It’s fairly easy for people to mix or interchange terms like advertising, marketing and public relations.

In fact, these are all different disciplines that may work together but they cannot be replaced with others. If you do that inefficiencies start to creep in all your efforts are ruined.


Before choosing any technology or tool for your marketing purpose, always remember to have a secure strategy first. If you have a sound strategy then you can benefit from various technologies.

With artificial intelligence being integrated into every little procedure nowadays, it is wise to utilize it rather than to stay away.


Regardless of what others might say about Email being thing of the past. If not, its importance has grown over the past few years for content marketing programs. As almost every enterprise still sends out spam emails (disguised as meaningful content) every day to their key stakeholders.


When you are in the field for content marketing than you must be familiar with all the buzzwords associated with it. However, most people are not familiar with them and often mix them with content marketing and lose its value.

Besides confusing one terminology with the other, it is much better of you can integrate all these content marketing buzzwords in new ways. Don’t try to use the same content, instead devise your own content plan or strategy to unify them in meaningful ways.


Don’t Forget, “Content Is the King”, but to take advantage from it you must use it wisely.



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