Premium subscribers of X get ready for the new Enhanced Discovery feature

Recently, several modifications have been made to X, previously known as Twitter. A greater effort has been made to monetize the social media network, and an X Premium subscription (formerly known as Twitter Blue) is now required to access an increasing number of features.

Reportedly, traces of a new feature have been identified. Some other evidence points out the audio and video call features. The code strings were found in the latest beta version of the Android app. Notably, the platform might receive the new Enhanced Discovery feature. The strings show the words “blue_upsell,” which indicate the possibility that the new feature might be reserved for X Premium users. Reportedly, the new feature will help users locate content that is pertinent to the topic of a post.

Presently, users can find relevant posts via hashtags, the platform’s advanced search tools, keywords, and the Explore Page. There is no information on how this feature will work out. In addition to this, traces for audio and video call support were also found on the latest beta version of the app. It is anticipated that this feature might roll out in the near future.

Currently, there is no information or timeline for the release of these features. Furthermore, X Premium members recently received a new feature that enables them to restrict the comment section of specific posts. The feature is only available to other X Premium users. Non-paying users can read the comments made on the post but cannot make their own. X also recently removed rich preview cards for external URLs. Now, a simpler graphic and the URL of the external website are displayed whenever an external link is uploaded on the platform.

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