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Privacy Policy of Microsoft Says that Vendors Listen to Voice Data

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On Wednesday Microsoft said that it has updated its privacy policy to allow customers to know that it had been gathering voice data of its users with the assistance of the employees and contractors.

As per a spokesperson of the Microsoft, the company gathers voice data for providing voice-enabled services for Skype and Cortana and sometimes uses the vendors for helping in improving these services.

The spokesperson stated in an email that they have realized based on queries raised recently, that they could do a better job mentioning that humans sometimes review this content.

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The firm is the latest technology giant for admitting such practices after the media reports on Tuesday informed that Facebook Inc has been giving outside contractors for transcribing audio clips from the users of its services.

The spokesperson of Microsoft said that they have updated their privacy statement and product FAQs for adding greater clarity and would continue to study the opportunities further for improving.

Technology firms in the United States have been experiencing broad criticism from the lawmakers and regulators over their privacy practices.

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