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How to Promote Your Facebook Page?

You are making a new page on Facebook but there are millions of Facebook pages already working. Why should people visit your page? What can you offer better than the other pages working on similar themes? How can you promote your page and get more likes and followers?

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Well here is the list of few things that can increase traffic on your Facebook page

Title of the Facebook Page: Title of the page is extremely important. Usually, the owner of the pages add his/her name on the page so that it remains unique, but the question is when you are starting a page, a stranger won’t know your name so how can he search your page. It is important that the tile of the page is searchable yet it has its own identity. For example, you want to start a cooking page sharing your recipes with people the title can be ‘Cook With Flavor’. So it’s different yet searchable.

About the page: Many people visit the ‘About’ section of any page to know what the page has to offer and is it worth their time or not. So about of the page should be crisp and clear. Just in a couple of lines, you should make it clear what you have to offer to the people.

The content of the page: Content of the page is its heart. If the heart stops beating, the page will die. The quality, quantity, and consistency of content are essential.

  • Quality: The content you are posting should be relevant and interactive. Add interesting videos and pictures along with the content. Make your captions different. Most importantly use polls or discussion questions to attract the public.
  • Quantity: The amount of content you post matters a lot. Don’t make it too much or too less. If it’s a lot people will get bored easily, just make two-three interesting posts so that people wait for the next one. Make sure make your posts worth the wait.
  • Consistency: 10 posts on one day and the next day there is no post on the page, people won’t wait for a post they will just find another page. Be consistent in your posting if you want your audience to remain loyal.

Sharing of Page and Content: If you want to promote a page, you can’t just assume that once you have made it people will know about it. Sharing is extremely important. Share the page on your profile, request your friends to do the same so that people at least know that your page exists.

Promote page on other social media platforms: Use Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any social media app to promote your page. Use your contacts on every social media platform to spread the Facebook page.

If you have money use paid promotions: If the Facebook page is extremely important, you really want more traffic and you can afford it then just use your money to promote the page through Facebook Ads.

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