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ProtonMail Reveals New Services to Compete Against Google

ProtonMail reveals new services to compete against Google.

ProtonMail, a Switzerland based email service offering end-to-end encryption has positioned itself as the antithesis of Gmail in the past few years.

Google, for personalizing the Google product lineup, scans all the emails. The ProtonMail, on the other hand, vows full user privacy through the client-side encryption. Thus, nobody could intercept and read their emails, which includes ProtonMail.

It has now officially introduced its calendar in the public beta. The new launch is part of the goal of the company to offer privacy-focused options to the products offered by Google.

The CEO of ProtonMail, Andy Yen said that their objective is to form and make the extensively accessible online products that serve the users instead of exploiting them.

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The ProtonMail calendar would be available to all the users on a paid plan. But, as soon as the feature exits the beta in 2020, it would be made available to everyone.

As far as the calendar features are concerned, the ProtonMail is not exactly intending to revamp the wheel it is just aiming at providing the privacy-focused features with end to end encryption.

The calendar offers a clean interface with views by days and months. On top of this, it also has a google-like colour coded event types. Users would be permitted to link their calendar with ProtonMail email account as well.

As per the Company, the calendar’s event title, location, participants and title are encrypted. Neither the ProtonMail nor any third parties could read the calendar contents.

As per the CEO of ProtonMail, the ProtonMail is programmed to place the privacy of the users on preference, and in this regard, they are completely different from Google. He further added that with the launch of the ProtonCalendar beta, they have moved closer to offering a full range of services that could replace Google for the users who want to have a control on their data.

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  1. I have used ProtonMail for over a year now and it really is awesome, but I used DUCKDUCKGO.COM to find it NOT GOOGLE, which I will never use because of its BIAS.


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