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PUBG totally banned in Nepal


A couple of weeks back the popular multiplayer game PUBG was banned in a few Indian states. India became the first country to ban the game. Now Nepal has also banned PUBG.

In a statement, the Deputy director of Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) Sandip Adhikari said that order has been issued to ban the game to all ISPs, mobile operators, and network service providers.

The ban in Nepal is stricter than the ban in Indian states was as it lasted for just a few weeks.

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It is being claimed that the game poses a threat to the studies of teenagers and their careers as it is quite addictive. It can be dangerous, thus the authorities have decided to ban it.

But unlike in India, in Nepal, there were no reports of violent incidents linked to the game. According to the chief of the Metropolitan Crime Division, Dhiraj Pratap Singh parents issued many complaints regarding the dangerous effects of the game.

A teenager in Mumbai committed suicide because he was not given a new smartphone to play PUBG. Similar suicide incident occurred in India after a 16-year old was punished for failing in exam for excessively playing PUBG.

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