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‘Quake II RTX’ update gives more realistic ray tracing visuals

NVIDIA is as yet dedicated to tidying up Quake II RTX’s designs after the novelty has worn off. The GPU creator has discharged a 1.2 update that adds noteworthy authenticity to the ray tracing impacts – to the extent that you can have authenticity in a science fiction game, at any rate. Water is currently significantly progressively sensible, with “god rays” that are obvious even in reflections and refractions. Numerous surfaces have been updated to look more honed or out and out better. Glass is likewise impressively increasingly reasonable, including more “god rays,” tinted glass and a test alternative that figures the reflection and refraction inside a thicker glass.

The redesign extends exactly where you’ll see ray tracing kick in, as well. It’s currently unmistakable on security screens, and you can even observe hall of-mirrors recursive reflections on specific surfaces.

Execution may likewise improve contingent upon your framework. You presently have the decision of dynamic resolution scaling that will attempt to keep up 60 frames for every second by bringing down the resolution when fundamental. You can help speed by constraining the quantity of reflection and refraction bounces, or by turning off temporal anti-aliasing.

The 1.2 updates will introduce naturally in the event that you have Quake II installed through Steam, however, you can download it independently in case you’re utilizing an independent duplicate. The Quake II RTX three-map demo stays free – you possibly need to purchase something in the event that you need to complete the battle with the Strogg and don’t as of now have a duplicate of the game sticking around.

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