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Qualcomm announces mmWave 5G antennas for 5G smartphones

image via Qualcomm, mmWave 5G antenna

Qualcomm has announced mmWave 5G antennas for 5G smartphones in order to come up with upcoming 5G compatible devices ahead.

Since companies around the world are testing 5G technology and networks, hardware manufacturers like Qualcomm are also working towards developing hardware that is compatible with 5G networks. Singapore has recently announced 5G network testing in the fourth quarter of this year.

Qualcomm has cleared one of the major obstacles by announcing its new QTM052 mmWave antenna modules. The antennas will enable the high-speed swath of networking spectrum which will work on mobile devices.

The antenna created by Qualcomm using mmWave will give big jumps in speed with lower bandwidth 5G solutions, the company tested simulated results from MWC earlier this year revealed because mmWave is the way forward and superior to earlier tests by Qualcomm.

To get mmWave work you have to have the superior mmWave hardware for mobile phones first, however, it’s not easier to achieve but one thing is clear that mmWave portion of the spectrum will dramatically offer faster speeds. But the real problem is, it transmits data at very shorter ranges and blocked easily by walls and even hands on the devices.

Despite all that, Qualcomm claims that QTM052 is the real solution, a tiny array of antenna, smaller than the size of penny, it features four antennas (with the help of Qualcomm algorithms) it can easily point to the nearest available 5G tower, while bouncing or unblocking signals from the surrounding surfaces like walls.

The company has designed the antenna small enough which could easily be embedded in bezel-less smartphones, Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem which was designed after X24 modem, is designed to support up to 4 antenna arrays, 4 antennas can be used for each side of the phone, allowing a total of 16 antennas ensuring that signals won’t be locked no matter how you hold the phone.

The breakthrough in this technology is quite promising; it is the way forward to developing fast mmWave-enabled 5G devices. Qualcomm is confident and has announced that the first QTM052 antennas would be launched by early 2019. And there might be some commercial 5G networks launched by then to use them.