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Qualcomm New Snapdragon 765 Chip With 5nm Process Leaked

Snapdragon 775

Qualcomm is already working on a successor to the Snapdragon 765 chip, which will be used in the manufacturers’ flagship products – that much is clear. Now there is a leak that already shows this alleged successor, called Snapdragon 775.

That comes from a report at XDA Developers. This concerns a document which is said to come directly from Qualcomm and was intended for internal use. Therefore, the authenticity and origin of the information can hardly be proven. This document was published on Telegram and later on Twitter (it has already disappeared there).

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According to the images from the Qualcomm document, Qualcomm is working on the SM7350 platform, which could later be marketed as the Snapdragon 775. The leaked images appear to be part of internal documents describing a new, not-yet-unveiled SM7350 (Snapdragon 775) SoC platform. The documents also make a comparison to the SM7250 (Snapdragon 765), which supports the assumption that it could be the successor.

The leak should describe the “old” version

While researching whether these were genuine Qualcomm documents, XDA Developers discovered that the information was an early revision of the upcoming SoC platform. According to this, Qualcomm could already be much further in the planning and have made further improvements or at least a number of changes.

But what can be expected from the Snapdragon 775 according to the leak can be summarized as follows:

The Snapdragon 775 could be manufactured in a 5nm process, which would be an upgrade of the 7nm EUV manufacturing process used for the Snapdragon 765. The SoC is said to be equipped with a new CPU core from the Kryo 6 series – further details are not yet available. LPDDR5 RAM with 3200 MHz or LPDDR4X RAM with 2400 MHz and up to UFS 3.1 memory are supported. The documents also show the Spectra 570 ISP on the Snapdragon 775, which could then support up to three 28 MP cameras and video recordings with 4K at 60fps.

Connectivity options for the Snapdragon 775 are said to be LTE Rotate Cat 18 and support for mmWave 5G alongside VoNR, NR CA, SA and NSA support writes XDA Developers. Despite all the advance information that has been leaked recently: Confirmation from Qualcomm as to when the Snapdragon 775 will be launched or whether a product with this name actually exists has not yet been confirmed. One will have to wait further.