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Qualcomm’s New ARM CPUs For PCs Might Surpass Intel And Apple


The world’s largest supplier of ARM processors for smartphones has a new boss. Under Christiano Amon, Qualcomm should no longer only serve small mobile devices with its chips. Amon claims to be targeting Intel.

As the new Qualcomm CEO Christiano Amon explained in an interview with Reuters, he assumes that from next year they will be able to offer high-performance platforms for laptops and other smaller PCs that are compatible with the products in terms of performance from Intel, AMD, and ultimately Apple can keep up.

Former Apple chip designers help Qualcomm

Amon relies on the ARM platforms developed by the startup Nuvia, which was acquired some time ago. Nuvia was founded by former employees of the US company Apple, who were previously among the main people responsible for the development of Apple’s own SoCs, which are now also used in various Apple products in the laptop and desktop market.

In the case of Qualcomm, they also want to introduce highly customized ARM chips that will be used in the first finished products as early as next year. Amon himself was responsible for the acquisition of Nuvia, which Qualcomm only brought about this year at a cost of around 1.4 billion dollars.

Ultimately, according to Amon, you want to be able to offer the best performance on the market with the help of Nuvia SoCs when it comes to energy efficiency and the power required for every watt. The decision to buy Nuvia was also made because, in view of the chips developed by Apple, it was quickly recognized that Qualcomm can no longer rely on the use of the architectures developed by ARM in an almost unchanged form as usual.

Apple’s ARM SoCs have long been leaders in terms of performance in mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple is currently gradually introducing them to desktop and notebook systems such as the MacBook and iMac series and, thanks to good coordination between software and hardware, can already offer an extremely attractive package for many customers. Qualcomm has been working on an answer for some time.

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