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Quika Launches Free Internet Service through Satellite

Technology has brought innovation and advancement in the world. But is it really in the whole world? Or just a few developed nations are enjoying the privileges of technology.

There is a gap that has been created between developed, developing and underdeveloped nations. There are many who still live in the stone age while the world talks about digital power. To reduce this gap between two opposite poles, Quika has launched the first satellite in the world, with the goal to provide free internet service to areas which have connectivity issues and are yet developing.

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Alan Afrasiab, the founder of Quika and the CEO of Talia Limited said,

“We believe that left unbalanced, entire communities and regions will be abandoned by technological and economic progress. Quika will help bridge this digital and economic divide.

3.9 billion people (53% of the world’s population) are still offline. The majority of these people, live in rural areas and are often poor. The main reasons for people not using the internet are inequalities in relation to income and education, as well as the lack of infrastructure, relevant online content, and services, plus relatively high costs of access and usage.

While numerous initiatives have been implemented to bring unconnected communities online, a significant amount of people still remain unconnected. With Quika, we hope to accelerate internet adoption around the world and transform societies for the better.”

Initially, Quika will provide free service in Afghanistan, Iraq, and some parts of Africa. Then it will expand its services. The free services initiative will be supported by the paid internet providers and enterprises of the company. Furthermore, it was disclosed that users will have to pay for the hardware to acquire an internet connection and its installation. After the setup, the service will be absolutely free. Experts believe that this service will be a revolutionary step, but it might not work as publicized. Still, it is a start, a beginning to provide free internet to everyone.