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ZTE First 5G Smartphone launching in 2019

Lixin Cheng TE CEO has officially announced that they will launch a 5G enabled smartphone by early 2019. ZTE spokesperson has claimed many times that ZTE will introduce the 5G capable smartphone either by the end of 2018 or by the start of 2019. Furthermore, the company says that availability of 5G network and chipsets supporting 5G is necessary for the launch of the phone.

Though we keep hearing that companies are working on 5G technology, currently there is no news as to when it will be available for masses. Verizon and AT&T made the announcement that the 5G network will be released until the end of 2019.

Sprint said that its goal is to commercialize the 5G services by 2019. The carrier is working to introduce 5G via placement of its 2.5 GHz Massive MIMI radios. They will be upgraded to 5G NR, in 2018.

T-Mobile also claims to introduce 5G network by 2020. This would be quite late as compared to other telecoms, thus the position T-Mobile will be in, in terms of 5G technology is not promising.

ZTE, with its 5G smartphones, want to introduce the tablet and wireless internet hub, 5G enabled. Now there are reports and rumors of other companies as well who are working on the 5G technology. Verizon and Samsung partnered to introduce 5G internet, also Apple reportedly collaborated with Intel to introduce 5G in upcoming iPhones. Will ZTE be the first company to launch 5G enable smartphones for the people, or some other company will beat it, let’s see?

In Pakistan, 5G services might be introduced sooner than expected. As per the claims by PTA Pakistan might be the first country in South Asia to introduce 5G services, thus surpassing India. As the rumors, news, and reports go 5G technology in Pakistan will be launched by 2020.

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