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Razer Phone 3 Prototype Images Appeared

Razer phone 3

Razer was the first brand to create a gaming phone concept, has never launched a new product since the release of Razer Phone 2.

On July 13th, a Tipster on Twitter has exposed the Razer Phone 3 prototype.

As shown in the figure, the front shape of the Razer Phone 3 is not much different from the Razer Phone 2, the back is upgraded to a camera, and it is suspected that the side fingerprint recognition is used.

According to the previous plan, Razer Phone 3 should be released in 2019, but the device has not been launched until this moment. In the first half of last year, it was reported that Razer reorganized its mobile business unit and Razer Phone 3 was forced to cancel.

Industry insiders said that the smartphone market has changed from the Red Sea to the “Blood Sea”, and the decline in mobile phone sales is an indisputable fact, so Razer’s abandonment of mobile phone business is reasonable. Razer has previously admitted to firing nearly 30 employees, including Razer cell phone engineers.

The information shows that Razer phones have launched two generations of products, of which Razer Phone was released in November 2017, and Razer Phone 2 was released in October 2018Both used Qualcomm’s most powerful mobile platform at that time, and both used 120Hz LCD displays for gaming.

Although Razer created the concept of a gaming mobile phone, Razer did not stick to it, and Razer Phone 3 would have missed the consumer market.

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