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Read Later Function Comes To Android Chrome

Android Read Later

Today, Google released the Android version of the Chrome 90 browser update for the Canary channel, which brings the “read later” function to Android devices. As promised earlier Google to add read later function in the chrome browser.

The “read later” function means that the user can save the webpage to be read later, similar to a one-time bookmark, the user only needs to long-press the webpage, and then select “read later” in the pop-up options menu, then the webpage Adds to the reading list, Xda reported.

It should be noted that as early as 2017, Google added the “read later” function to the iOS version of the Chrome browser, but it has not been open to Android devices and PC devices.

Enable manually on PC

Currently, the PC version of the Chrome browser can manually turn on the “read later” function through the Flag option. Just enter the following line of code in the address bar and enable it.