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Google Develops MicroDroid New Android System For Virtual Machines

Google MicroDroid

Google reportedly developing a new system called MicroDroid. A new Android system for Virtual Machines

According to the Xda, MicroDroid is a stripped-down version of Android which will be used in a virtual machine and is designed as a “simplified version of the General Android System Image (GSI)”. GSI is already an open-source Android barebones system, but MicroDroid seems to be more streamlined.

According to the report, the goal of the project may be to allow the minimum required Android system to run on top of the hypervisor, so as to allow the virtualization of a single Android application, rather than providing a complete auxiliary desktop environment.

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Research Snipers learned that Google may enable virtualization on Android hardware to improve security. Google said it can isolate data between applications and operating systems on the same device, and it can switch between isolated operating systems instantly without performance degradation. However, according to the reports, MicroDroid may need to be used with the new Type-1 Hypervisor component of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

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