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Realme Race GT To Launch On March 4

Realme officially announced that the new performance flagship Realme Race GT will be released on March 4. At present, Realme has formed three core product lines of Q series, V series and X series, completing the product layout from entry to flagship full-price segment.

The GT World Championship specially created by the FIA ​​is not only a highlight show for global super sports car manufacturers but also a historical stage for world-class racers to continuously surpass themselves and interpret the spirit of dreaming at full speed. 

Named after GT this time, Realme is inspired by the racing spirit of “continuous challenge” to launch a new performance flagship Realme Race GT: In the 1950s, cars were not competent for long-distance travel. As a result, a number of high-performance and high-reliability high-horsepower sports cars appeared. In the public’s perception, strong performance is the premise of GT. The Name will use the attitude of “dare” to leapfrog up with more young people, and truly feel the speed and passion brought by the new speed flagship.

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GT brings users not only strong power. This performance flagship dedicated to young people begins and goes beyond the spirit of racing, but also embodies realme’s new understanding of the spirit of GT: on the track that you love, pursue the ultimate and challenge 120% of yourself. On March 4th, the new product launch of Realme GT will be announced together.

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