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Recommended radios Being Tested By YouTube Along With new “Add to playlist” UI

YouTube Music may not be as well-known as Spotify and Apple Music However, it’s still one of the top music streaming services available that are available. It’s always a pleasure to observe Google continue to add more features, making it more enjoyable. 

For instance, YouTube Music is currently trialing two features to improve your streaming music experience. The second new feature YouTube Music is testing 9to5Google reports, is known as “Recommended radios.” While YouTube Music has long allowed users to create the radio station from just one track, this latest feature goes even further, providing automated radio stations that are based around artists and genres of music. “Recommended radios” are displayed in the home tab, and are updated each time you update the feed. The music in the playlists is “customized to your preferences and constantly changing.” Also, you’ll have the option of saving songs to your library.

The other feature being evaluated is the brand new “Add to Playlist” interface in users of the YouTube Music Android app. The currently-in-place Add to Playlist screen that is available on both Android as well as iOS apps are quite outdated. However, the new UI is much more contemporary and appealing visually as shown in the images below.

Instead of simply showing the names of playlists The new UI displays artwork, as well as numbers of songs each playlist includes. There’s a “Recent” section on the top, while it has a Pill-shaped “New playlist” button at the lower right corner that allows you to swiftly create an entirely new playlist. This brand new UI is accessible on YouTube Music’s Progressive Web App version of YouTube Music for some time since then, so it’s nice to see that it’s being made available to the mobile version of the app.” Recommended radios” as well as the brand updated “Add to Playlist” UI has only rolled out to a small number of users, and aren’t available to everyone at the moment.