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Redmi 9 2020 To Come With MediaTek Helio G80 Large Screen And Four Cameras

Redmi 9

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi has officially announced that the new Redmi 9 2020 will be officially released soon. Officials said that this phone will “define the new entry-level standard for 2020“, and the lens of the entry-level smartphone is also worth upgrading. The implication is that this phone is an entry-level device, but its shooting ability is very strong. On June 23, the officials announced the processor and screen information of this phone.

Redmi has released official warm-up posters in which the details of the device are unveiled. Redmi 9 2020 is equipped with MediaTek Helio G80 high-performance gaming chip, with a running score of over 200,000. Compared with the previous generation, the chip has improved a lot. It not only runs daily commonly used software smoothly but also plays heavy mobile games. In addition, Redmi 9 2020 uses the 1080P screen of the mainstream flagship device, the size is 6.53 inches, almost no graininess, and the image is clear and subtle.

In other respects, the new Redmi 9 2020 chooses to upgrade the camera. The official poster “Redmi 9 doubles the lens”, and most of the popular entry-level devices are equipped with dual cameras, which may also mean that Redmi 9 2020 will be equipped with a dual rear camera. But Redmi takes it to the next level with a quad-camera combination. In addition, there are reports that the price of this phone is around 1,000 yuan which is quite economical even in budget phones.

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