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New Galaxy Fold 2 Renders Based On Samsung’s New Patent

Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung has filed a new patent during the previous week the patent tells the story of the design which can be translated to renders if you have some design knowledge. Similar work is conducted by David @xleaks7, according to the renders developed the Galaxy Fold 2 seems to be the best phone ever in the foldable category. Galaxy Fold 2 might be borrowing elements from the best elements from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Flip, fixing some of its issues.

According to the patent, the hinge shows a new structure somewhat similar to Galaxy Flip launched earlier. The patent also describes the area behind the folding potion as hollow. The screen seems to be folding back like in Galaxy Flip. The hinge mechanism appears to snappy than the predecessor and resembles the new Motorola Razr.

“The present invention, in order to solve the above problem, when the foldable display device is unfolded, the flexible display panel is supported as a whole, and thus a hinge device stably supported without an area in which the flexible display panel is pushed by an operation that a user touches is provided. It is possible to provide a foldable display device,” the patent states.

Further, while the patent confirms that there will be two cameras on the back of the phone, there’s a third square module that looks somewhat like the S20 Ultra’s zoom module. Having said that, we don’t see any room for a flash in drawings, meaning this could be a flash module as well.

Another thing the patent confirms is that the front display, which is used when the phone is in folded mode, is thinner this time. It looks more like a strip, meaning Samsung isn’t really expecting people to use the Fold as a phone anymore. The main functionalities will have to be moved to the full unfolded screen, which still seems to be as big as that on a tablet.

You can also see the cutout for the front camera above this screen, with a cutout for what should be the proximity sensor, next to it. The volume button is on the right side of the phone while the power button is moved to the top and the Type-C port on the bottom. There are speaker grilles on the top and bottom too. That said, there seems to be a very interesting addition here. The left side of the phone shows what looks like an alert slider, similar to the ones used by OnePlus. Given that the front screen has been made into a strip, an alert slider could be quite useful on a phone like this. This could also be a slider to unfold the phone. Samsung’s new patent can be accessed here.

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