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Xiaomi Registers New Sliding Camera Patent To Increase Screen-to-body Ratio

Xiaomi is finding a new way to increase screen-to-body ratio, the company has recently filed a new patent which describes the sliding pattern of mobile cameras, front and back both. The camera module allows users to push back both cameras at the same time in order to increase the screen-to-body ratio.

According to the details, the patent shows a vertical strip at the back which holds three cameras two of them are rear cameras and one is the front camera. According to the images of the patent, there would be two visible camera modules at the back and one camera spot is left open because the rear camera module slides up over the edge of the phone.

This new patent would allow Xiaomi to remove all bezels from the front which inherently housing the camera and sensor modules in the previous models. The Chinese manufacturer has used under-display proximity sensors and microphones in earlier models of Mi Mix, so they could achieve 95% of the screen-to-body ratio.

However, it’s still unclear what type of camera resolution Xiaomi would be able to use with this technique. Keeping that in mind that Xiaomi tends to use higher resolution cameras touching 108MP to its flagships, the company wouldn’t compromise higher resolutions with this design though. The sliding camera module is not new to mobile manufacturers, Oppo, Samsung and other have used sliding cameras to increase the screen-to-body ratio in the past, Oppo, Samsung, and others have used popup cameras in the previous models.

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