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Redmi is planning to make 300W charging available for consumers

Redmi has been really into the headlines due to its launch of 300W charging supply. The company has really proved right its fact of charging up a 4100mAh battery in just 5 minutes. Although we cannot say for sure when will this 300W charging will be available to over devices. we can hope to get it soon.

Redmi is planning to make its 300W charging available to customers

As per information from post by Digital chat station, a Chinese tipster, Redmi is planning up for mass production of these batteries. For now we only know that its coming with no idea of which device it’ll be launched and also when it’ll be launched.

Currently, Realme GT3 is the fastest charging device in the world. This device provides a support for 240W charging and is able to charge battery of 4600mAH in nine and a half minute. Although it’s an efficient timeline but Redmi is all set to break that record.

We are surely thankful for the companies to add up this efficient charging in our devices as before that the need of fast chargers were questioned by users. So now we can enjoy these fast-charging methods right from our desk.

OPPO, Xiaomi and Vivo have been pushing charging speed limit

There has been quite a time for now since OPPO and Xiaomi have included 67W and 120W charging in their devices. The same action was taken by many other companies. As we can see Vivo’s latest launch is also able to support 120W charging.

These devices will charge up real fast no matter what kind of batteries they contain. However, Redmi is all set to take this battle to next level. The company is using fourth gen (gallium nitride) for performing this act.

Company is using 6:2 charge pump chip with a maximum conversion efficiency of 98%. A 300W charging was demoed on Redmi Note 12pro+. Although the device isn’t for sale or anything, it was just used for demo purposes.