Redmi K30 Pro 5G To Launch Soon With S865 SoC And Full Screen Display

Xiaomi’s Sub-brand Redmi is all set to launch the K30 Pro 5G smartphone in the market. The company has already launched the K30 4G version and K30 5G on the market a few months ago.

The previous model K30 5G is equipped with Qualcomm S765G SoC and the front screen features full-screen design, which also makes many players expect Redmi to launch the K30 Pro with S865.

Recently, according to the official announcement, the K30 Pro 5G is coming with of course Qualcomm S865 in terms of CPU, and it will also use the same full-screen design as the K20 Pro. The front camera features a pop-up design, the device is equipped with LPDDR5 and UFS 3.0, supporting 33W Flash charge.

It’s also important to note that in terms of cameras, the Redmi K30 Pro’s main camera lens will feature SONY IMX686, which is a rather high-resolution premium sensor. Its number of pixels has reached 64 million and the size of the photosensitive element is 1/1.7-Inch, supports hardware straight out to 9248 × 6944 ultra-high-resolution photos and pixels four-in-one function, up to 1.6μm large pixels, making the night shooting more visible and clear.

In addition, the K30 Pro will also launch a high-end version. The high-end version may be named other than Pro. From the leaked information, the high-end version is expected to come with the telephoto lens and supports high magnification hybrid optical zoom. Overall it is worth looking forward to.

Moreover, in terms of price, Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro 5G 6GB+64GB version only sells for about 1999 Chinese Yuan which roughly translates to $287. For the K30 Pro 5G which has been upgraded in CPU, lens and other components, the estimated price should also be at least 2500 Yuan or roughly about $360.