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Redmi K30 Pro Screen Refresh Rate Changed To 80Hz

K30 Pro

Earlier it was reported that Xiaomi is going to set the screen refresh rate of Redmi K30 Pro to 60Hz, however, the people have rooted the device to clock it to 80Hz.

Wang Teng, Product Director of Redmi, also said on Weibo that the Redmi K30 Pro product has a lot of bright spots, 60Hz is indeed a mistake, and the flaws are not hidden. Some netizens think that for 2999 yuan, the eyes can suddenly fill up the frame automatically.

In fact, the screen refresh rate of the mobile phone is not fixed at the factory, just like the CPU frequency, there is a certain “overclocking” space. At present, some netizens have increased the refresh rate of the Redmi K30 Pro to 80Hz by software “overclocking”.

It is understood that if you want to improve the screen refresh rate of your phone, you need to root your phone first, and then“overclock” the software to enjoy the high-quality experience brought by the high screen refresh rate.

Of course, “overclocking” is risky. Regarding this and the practice of changing the screen refresh rate, Wang Teng does not recommend it. He said: “The magic change requires Root. After Root has broken the official non-warranty, it is not recommended that you do this, please be careful.”
In fact, as early as last June, some netizens overclocked the Xiaomi Mi 9’s screen to more than 80Hz and did a lot of tests and screens on the power consumption performance of the phone. At the time, it also attracted the attention of Zhang Guoquan, director of the software department of the Xiaomi phone system.

He said that I really appreciate everyone’s love for Xiaomi and all kinds of “tossing”. This is also the only intention and original intention of Xiaomi to open root to everyone.

Talking about why these particular features are not officially made, Zhang Guoquan said that everyone knows that if they do, the official needs to guarantee the hardware life, no impact on hardware consistency, reliability, the stability of performance and power consumption, and user experience We also need to make a comprehensive evaluation. There are thousands of people. After all, there are still people who are unwilling to toss. I hope everyone understands. He also reminded us that flashing the machine is risky and everyone should do what they can.

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