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Ren Zhengfei says that Huawei will not succumb to Trump’s pressure


Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is prepared to manage Washington’s crackdown and will decrease its dependence on US parts, its founder Ren Zhengfei, has disclosed to Japanese media.

President Donald Trump viably banished Huawei from the US market on Wednesday and added it to a rundown which would limit US deals to the firm in the midst of a heightening trade war with Beijing.

“We have already been preparing for this,” Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei told a group of Japanese journalists on Saturday in his first interview since Trump’s move. Ren said Huawei would keep on building up its very own parts to lessen its reliance on outside providers.

Huawei is a quickly extending pioneer in 5G innovation yet stays reliant on foreign providers. It purchases about $67 billion worth of components every year, including about $11 billion from US providers, as per The Nikkei business daily.

The normally elusive Ren, 74, has left the shadows as of late even with expanding weight on his organization.

Huawei is the objective of an exceptional crusade by Washington, which has been attempting to induce allies not to permit China a role in building cutting edge 5G mobile systems.

“We have not done anything which violates the law,” Ren said, adding the US measures would have a limited impact. “It is expected that Huawei’s growth may slow, but only slightly,” he said, according to The Nikkei.

A previous armed force expert, Ren established Huawei in 1987 with just $5,000, as per organization legend. The organization currently claims to have almost 190,000 workers, works in 170 nations, and revealed income of more than $100 billion a year ago.

Ren said his company would not yield to pressure from Washington. “We will not change our management at the request of the US or accept monitoring, as ZTE has done,” he said, referring to fellow Chinese telecoms giant ZTE which was also targeted by Washington.

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Image via Nikkei Asian Review