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Rumor: Huawei Developing Game Console Similar To Xbox And Play Station

Huawei Gaming Console

According to Chinese Weibo user who is quite popular in leaking news and rumours, Huawei plans to launch a game console similar to PlayStation/Xbox (date unknown), and Huawei will launch a gaming laptop within this year, officially entering the field of gaming products.

Last year, it was reported that Huawei and Honor will hold a game laptop or performance laptop conference respectively, but until the end of the year, Huawei did not launch any gaming laptop, only the Honor Hunter game laptop was launched.

There is currently no more information about Huawei’s game consoles and gaming notebooks, but after comprehensive consideration of Huawei’s sale of Honor, it is bound to launch its own gaming notebooks. Therefore, the content of the revelation is highly credible. The biggest suspense at present is the release date and parameters of the said devices.

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