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Ryzen 7000 Engineering: Overclocker runs Raphael with 64GB DDR5-6400 CL32

The professional overclocker “Toppc”, which competes under the MSI flag, among other things, uses an unknown development model processor from the AMD Ryzen 7000 series (“Raphael”) with 64 gigabytes of DDR5-6400 and a sharp CAS latency of 32 clock cycles. The memory timings are CL32-38-38-96-134.

AMD Ryzen 7000ES with DDR5-6400 CL32

With regard to emerging screenshots, benchmarks, and database items of pre-series processors, the so-called Engineering Samples (ES) or Qualification Samples (QS), there is currently a boom. After Intel’s next-generation desktop hybrids, also known as Raptor Lake in the form of an i5-13600K and i7-13700K, as well as an i9-13900K with DDR5-6600 in various benchmarks and databases, it is now AMD Ryzen 7000’s turn. overclocker “Toppc” has on his profile page on the Chinese video sharing platform bilibili has released its current memory settings for a future pre-production model based on Zen 4.

  • AMD Ryzen 7000 engineering example
  • 64 gigabytes DDR5 at 6400 MT/s
  • CL32-38-38-96-134

Since the Chinese overclocker published the image under the name “Toppc’s AMD CPU” and the screenshot of CPU-Z shows the RAM as DDR5, it can only be a Zen 4 desktop CPU.

For the CPU duel between the Core i 13000 series and Ryzen 7000, both platforms will launch “out of the box” with support for up to DDR5-5600. Easy overclocking of the DDR5 DIMMs should be possible for anyone using Intel XMP 3.0 as well as AMD RAMP and EXPO.

DDR5 still has a lot of room for improvement

Assuming the right memory kits with fast ICs, there would already be more than enough room for extremely ambitious RAM overclocking, because with the JESD79-5 standard, JEDEC has already officially specified memory with DDR5-3200 to DDR5-8400 and even higher clock speeds have already been committed.

While SK Hynix promised DDR5 RAM with an effective 8,400 MHz more than two years ago, Adata promised DDR5 with up to 12,600 MT/s at voltages up to 1.6 volts when the new memory generation was introduced. However, such fast memory is unlikely to be available before 2023. The duel between Raptor Lake and Raphael is expected to be played from DDR5-5600 to DDR5-7200.

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