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Samsung Announces 512GB storage chips for its upcoming flagships

Samsung not only equips manufactured parts in its own flagships but also supply smartphone parts to other manufacturers, so the company’s innovation would spread across the market. The South Korean giant today has announced that 256GB storage is lacking in meeting the quality of apps, graphics and ever-changing requirements of high-end smartphones and the company has planned to start its mass production of 512GB eUFS Flash Memory Chips.

When iPhone announced 8GB storage in its iPhone 3G in 2008, many people would have thought they may not need more than this storage capacity again. But today you have only installed a handful of apps, few videos and images and you are done with it.

The perpetually increasing demand for storage is always there since the beginning of computer and internet age and its inflating fast now.

Today in a statement, executive vice president of memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics said, “By ensuring an early, stable supply of this advanced embedded storage, Samsung is taking a big step forward in contributing to timely launches of next-generation mobile devices by mobile manufacturers around the world.”

According to Samsung, the eUFS storage could be consisting of eight 64-layer 512GB V-NAND chips and a controller chip in order to provide unparalleled capacity in storage. The new chips would have almost double the density of the previous 48 layer chips, resulting in an incredible performance in upcoming high-end tablets and smartphones.

If we measure it, then 512GB of eUFS storage would be able to store roughly 130 10-minute video clips each having the quality 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160).

Not only this, the Korean giant has also introduced a new bunch of technologies to boost the performance and energy efficiency. Power control and the new designed circuit reduce the workload and maximize energy efficiency. The 512GB eUFS storage speeds up the mapping process while conversion of logical blocks to physical blocks.

Read/Write performance is also incredibly increased with eUFS 512 GB storage, these chips are 8 times faster than the regular microSD card speed. For instance, a 5GB Full HD video clip can be transferred to SSD in just 6 seconds.

This new development by Samsung would not only improve the performance of Samsung smartphones but also of other smartphone manufacturers as the company sells its chips to other manufacturers, so we can expect the incredible performance and Storage jump in the next generation of handsets. The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is supposed to have 512GB eUFS storage.