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Samsung started equipment acquisition for its new chip factory in the US

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Last year Samsung stated that it was going to build a new semiconductor factory in Taylor, USA. according to the plan the construction of the plant was expected to begin by the first half of 2022. Where the factory was supposed to be completely functional by 2024. However, construction has not started yet. But the company seems to acquire the equipment needed for the construction of the new plant.

As per a new report by TheElec, Samsung has begun placing orders for supplementary equipment. Additional equipment is needed for building clean rooms in the plant by the start of 2024. The room dedicated to installing equipment critical to semiconductor chip manufacturing in a chip factory is a clean room.

With the installation of several air purification and ventilation equipment, clean rooms are protected from dust and other pollutants since even one speck of dust are capable of messing up the manufacturing process of semiconductor chips. Thus, resulting in lower yields of semiconductors. In addition to this, these rooms are carefully monitored for humidity, temperature, outgassing, static pressure, and other factors.

As per a report from South Korea, the order of supplementary material comprise air conditioning units and sealing materials. The sealing material is installed on the ceiling of clean rooms. Samsung is acquiring the equipment from Shinsung ENG and Wonbang Tech, both of which are located outside South Korea.

The equipment will be supplied by early next year. Perhaps then the construction might begin. At this plant, Samsung will manufacture chips for high-performance computing (HPC), 5G, and artificial intelligence (AI) based on advanced process technologies. As of now, the fabrication process [3nm, 5nm] has not been disclosed by Samsung.

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