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Galaxy Buds: Can Be Overheated During Summer

Samsung’s wireless headphones from the Galaxy Buds series are selling well, also because they offer a decent runtime and good sound quality at comparatively low prices. In summer, however, there can be heat problems, as has now become known.

Citing various posts by owners of various Galaxy Buds headphones on Reddit, Twitter and in the Samsung community forums, the devices can overheat. This apparently affects both the first-generation Samsung Galaxy Buds and the successor models including the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, which was launched together with the Galaxy Note 20, Android Police reports.

Better to avoid the sun from 30 ° Celsius

Users report that their Galaxy Buds can get heat problems with the hot outside temperatures currently prevailing in the northern hemisphere. If you are outdoors in temperatures above 30 ° C and wearing the Galaxy Buds in your ears, you should allegedly avoid exposing the headphones to direct sunlight. According to the reports, this can cause them to get too warm, whereupon the headphones emit a constant loud beep. Only when you take the buds out of your ears and let them cool down a bit does the warning sound stop again. However, the user does not receive any indication that the beeping should warn of the overheating of the headphones. Meanwhile, the phenomenon itself is not unusual, but the frequency of the current reports does indicate a problem.

Samsung itself has not yet commented on the issue. It remains to be seen how often the problems actually arise. Since temperatures of well over 30 ° C have recently been reached in Europe and many other countries recently, Samsung may have to make improvements with a software update – or start a callback to introduce a new hardware revision with changed parts.

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