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Samsung could fix one of the biggest foldable design flaws with Galaxy Z Fold 5

Various companies introduced their foldable smartphones in 2022. Among those smartphones, one of the possibly best foldable smartphones is the Galaxy Z Fold 4. It has a combination of some excellent features ranging from a great balance of build quality to software, battery life, and cameras. Having said so, it is not that there is no room for improvement or upgradation. One of the major things to consider is a flaw in the design. The company needs to pay some serious attention to this matter in order to bring the future flagship device closer to other such devices.

Concerning this, a news report has been recently shared by Naver, the Korean publication. According to this report, the future Galaxy Z Fold 5 will reportedly have a waterdrop-shaped hinge. This design indication hints that the future foldable will be able to fold completely flat. The two halves of the foldable smartphone would be left with no space when it is folded. In addition to this, the internal screen of the flagship foldable smartphone will be smoother. It will reportedly have a less visible crease. This modification is in line with the request of consumers.

On the other hand, in contrast to Chinese companies, the South Korean tech firm won’t drop out the IPX8 rating. The IPX8 rating is associated with water resistance. The future flagship will be a presentation of perfection in design and experience. It will display a flawless folding design as well as water resistance capacity. However, it could have just one limitation and that could be dust resistance.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the tech firm has named the new hinge design ‘Dumbbell.’ It further states that the same design was presented by the tech firm in 2016. However, the idea was not brought to the market shelves due to some unknown circumstances. But as of now, the advancements in tech [dumbbell-shaped hinge] have added durability to the screen as well. Since the device will be capable of performing quite some more folding as well as unfolding actions throughout its lifespan.

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