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Samsung cuts down the shipment targets of Galaxy A23 5G for 2023

Samsung has radically altered the 2022 shipment targets of one of its smartphones i.e., Galaxy A23 5G. This information aligns well with a new report. Interestingly the tech giant Samsung has turned down the consignments of Galaxy A23 5G by almost 70%.  

According to TheElec, the device has some kind of strange and hidden issue. This problem has drastically impacted the shipments of Galaxy A23 5G. Earlier before, the South Korean company was aiming at shipping 12.6 million units of the Galaxy A23 5G. Furthermore, the consignment included 17.1 million units for the Galaxy A23 5G. As of now, the modified shipment goal has dropped to under four million units for 2022.

The complete shipment stats of 4G, as well as the 5G model of Galaxy A23, would estimate around 30 million units. This almost makes up about 10% of the yearly overall shipment of South Korean tech company. These numbers and targets were before the revised consignment targets.

Reportedly, a one-month review and investigation were conducted for resolving the issue. The undisclosed issue posed a serious difficulty with the phone’s operations. The modification in the shipment targets can be attributed to the alteration of developmental partners. Previously, Sunny Optical and Partron were providing the 50MP main camera along with the OIS for the 5G and 4G versions of Galaxy A23 devices, respectively.

Some sources indicate that the problem was associated with the camera. it showed poor performance. It seems like the problem has been fixed. But still, the tech giant Samsung is cutting down on the manufacturing of Galaxy A23 due to the reported issues. In 2023, the company plans to deliver just 5 million units of the Galaxy A23 5G.

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