Samsung debuts the Galaxy Watch 6 series with Wear OS 4

The South Korean conglomerate has just announced its Galaxy Watch 6 series. Reportedly, the company has debuted the new smartwatch series with Wear OS 4. Notably, the Galaxy Watch 6 series from Samsung are the first smartwatches to debut the latest version of Google’s OS.

One thing to notice here is that the updates have not been rolled out for Pixel smartwatches yet. You might be considering that given the fact that Google owns the Wear OS, it would be first and foremost introduced to its own series of smartwatches however, this is not the case.  The Galaxy Watch 6 series has an advantage over the Pixel Watch thanks to Samsung’s tight collaboration with the Mountain View corporation.

In the meantime, the tech company Google just recently rolled out a new Wear OS version for Pixel Watch. The new update holds the version number TWD4.230609.006.B2. This upgrade, which replaces Android 11 and Wear OS 3.5, is said to be based on Wear OS 4, according to folks at 9to5Google.

Well, it might be just a wait of a few more days or weeks till Wear OS 4 updates begin rolling out for the Pixel Watch. It will be then when we will get to know the details and features of the new version of the OS since the South Korean tech company has not shared many details as of now. The shipping of Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to begin in August. It might be that the Pixel Watch also receive the Wear OS 4 updates by then.

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