Samsung Expert RAW update adds neutral density filter feature

The Expert RAW camera software for premium Galaxy handsets has now received an upgrade from Samsung. Expert RAW is an advanced camera program that offers greater dynamic range, manual control over the shooting parameters, saves images in the high-quality RAW format, and permits capabilities like astrophotography.

In addition to the previously stated astrophotography and the ability to manually merge photographs taken at different exposures into a single image, Expert RAW now includes a neutral density (ND) filter from Samsung.

A neutral density (ND) filter: what is it?

It is a filter that can be used on cameras to cut down on light entering the lens for long-exposure shots in broad daylight and other brighter conditions. For instance, a slow shutter speed is necessary to capture motion blur in a daytime photo, like when photographing a waterfall. ND filters are useful since using a slow shutter speed during the day can result in an overexposed and brilliant final image.

For daytime long-exposure photography, ND filters can be compared to sunglasses for the camera. They keep the shot from being overexposed while enabling the camera to maintain the advantages of a slow shutter speed, much like sunglasses improve vision by obstructing light in the field of vision.

ND filters are often applied physically to specialized cameras, but they can also be applied digitally, and Expert RAW makes this feasible. The neutral density filter function may be found in the Expert RAW Labs area of the app’s settings once you install the most recent version of Expert RAW from the Galaxy Store.

Once the feature is activated, you may adjust the filter’s strength in multiples of two by pressing the ND icon, which is in the upper right corner of the viewfinder and ranges from 2 to 1000.

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