Samsung Foundry will manufacture 4nm AI chips for Rebellions

The South Korean tech giant Samsung is known as one of the top semiconductor foundries in the world. According to some recent pieces of information, the company will now manufacture 4nm AI chips for a local company. Notably, Rebellion is an AI semiconductor startup based in South Korea. For the local semiconductor industry, its relationship with Samsung Foundry is essential since it will increase the nation’s stature internationally.

The next-gen AI semiconductor chips for Rebellion will be based on Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process

According to the sources, the next-gen AI chips for Rebellion will be made on Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process. These chips will be named Rebel. The new AI chips will offer improved performance due to Samsung’s HBM3E high-bandwidth memory. All the relevant aspects of the chip development will be carried out by Samsung Foundry. The stages include logic design, chip layout, and chip verification. It is expected that the new AI chips will be ready by 2024.

When it comes to AI firms in South Korea, most of the businesses are partnering with overseas firms for different aspects of chip development. However, Rebellion and Samsung have partnered to design, develop, and manufacture Reble (AI chips) in South Korea. It is not the first time that Samsung and Rebellion have collaborated. The two businesses partnered for the previous chip, Rebellion. That chip is named ATOM. It was built on Samsung Foundry’s 5nm process.

Samsung views the system semiconductor market, in particular the AI semiconductor market, as its primary future business, according to Samsung Foundry Vice President Jung Ki-bong. The local system semiconductor ecosystem will be further developed through our partnership with Rebellions.

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