In order to improve chip plants in China, Samsung won’t require prior US clearance

According to some recent pieces of information, South Korean semiconductor companies can now update their chip facilities in China. Reportedly, the Chinese authorities have permitted Samsung and SK Hynix to upgrade the chip plants by utilizing equipment and technologies manufactured in the United States. In contrast to this, previously, Samsung was required to get pre-approvals from the US government. Well, this won’t be the case anymore.

The Xian, China, facility of Samsung can easily upgrade its semiconductor manufacturing equipment

The new announcement was made by the South Korean presidential office. Well, this is for sure a golden time for the semiconductor chip business of the country. The two companies have already been notified by the US government about their decision. Previously, the US has put restrictions on semiconductor chip firms’ ability to upgrade their chip manufacturing equipment in their plants in China because of geopolitical issues with that country.

As of now, the companies can now fully upgrade their plants with modern equipment. In this way, these firms can create the latest-generation semiconductor chips. It was difficult for Samsung to update its chip facility in China given the restrictions imposed by the US government. For this reason, Samsung was considering the option of allocating its chip facility in Xi’an to manufacture older types of chips. Interestingly, it is the same plant where Samsung manufactures 40% of its NAND (storage) flash chips.

70% of the world’s DRAM market and 50% of the NAND flash market are jointly controlled by Samsung and SK Hynix. In a statement, Samsung stated that “uncertainties associated with the performance of our semiconductor production facilities in China have been substantially removed through close collaboration with the appropriate governments.”

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