Select Enterprise Galaxy devices now get an extended warranty from Samsung

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung is modifying its warranty policy. According to the sources, the company will change the policy for the Enterprise Edition Galaxy devices that debuted in 2023. Well, this is quite a good approach since it will benefit consumers, whether they are members of the Care+ package or not.

Currently, the company extends a two-year commercial warranty for Enterprise Edition devices. Recently, the company announced that select devices will now be eligible for three years of commercial warranty, specifically the ones that debuted this year, including the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54, and the recently debuted Galaxy Tab S9 FE and S9 FE+.  By adding a Samsung Care+ for Business plan to their devices, enterprise customers may now take advantage of a total of four years of commercial warranty.

The new policy will differ according to different markets

The recent information was shared by the company from its French newsroom portal. “This project demonstrates our dedication to delivering the best possible goods and services in order to promote the success of our business partners,” the Director of Professional Mobile Business at Samsung Electronics France remarked.

The company is directing users to the English Enterprise Edition portal. It possibly means that the new policy might be rolled out in regions beyond France. However, the new policy may be market-dependent and may not be applicable wherever the company distributes enterprise devices. This is quite a nice approach with enterprise devices.

Similar to the commercial Galaxy smartphones and tablets, the Enterprise Edition devices offer one-year free access to the Knox Suite, five years of security updates, and now three years of commercial warranty. Knox Suite provides administrators with the resources they need to protect, deploy, manage, and analyze the fleet of Galaxy devices that belong to their organization.

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