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Samsung Galaxy S10 series concept is leaked—Video

Galaxy S10 series concept

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is about to launch, the company has scheduled to launch the device on August 9. After several rumors and leaks about Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we have almost everything that we could know about the device before the launch from specifications to Note 9 price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series is the next device to focus on for enthusiasts’ leakers and concept builders. One of the famous leakers on Twitter has shared a concept video of Galaxy S10 series today.

The concept is prepared by “Cconceptcreator” since it is not a leak but it can be considered as the rumor, the concept is quite interesting the design is great and the features are incredible.

Triple front and rear Cameras

The video shows the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will have triple front cameras and triple rear cameras horizontally aligned. However, the smaller variant will have the same camera setting with dual cameras.

Design and body

The body seems metallic in the video with curved edges same as Samsung previous models but the metallic body is still doubtful, the display is bezel-less without a notch and the front cameras are placed within those thin bezels on the top.

The phone has the headphone jack at the top, the Galaxy S10 series might have the on-screen fingerprint sensor as well.

So far so good, the design concept looks great, what you think about this design concept let us know by leaving your comments below.

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