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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was the best Android smartphone in Q1 2021

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra was the best-selling Android smartphone in Q1 of 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

In current times, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra is the company’s top-of-the-line flagship. The device was introduced earlier this year with a handful of interesting specifications. The device carries a hefty price tag, and yet it managed to perform well in the market.

Not only the smartphone became the top-of-the-line among Samsung’s own smartphones, but the device also became the best-selling Android phone by revenue in Q1, 2021.

According to a report, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra accounted for 3% of this record revenue, making it the top Android device on the list, followed by Apple.

However in terms of market share, the top 4 positions were scored by Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

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According to the report, Samsung’s most shipped units for Q1 of 2021 were the Galaxy A12, Galaxy A21s, and the Galaxy A31.

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