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Samsung Galaxy S22 to Use Vapor Chamber Cooling

Why Samsung is using vapor chamber cooling of its upcoming Galaxy S22? Is it a gaming smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung is working on the release of its new Galaxy S22. So you know it. But what you didn’t know was that this device could use vapor chamber cooling to cool down its insides. If you don’t know already, vapor chamber cooling is widely used for gaming devices.

Samsung is not new to this technology. The company has already used it in the Galaxy S10 Plus. In fact, the company used an advanced heat pipe system in this device that cost them a dime, and the smartphone reached the shelves for a hefty price. The company has also used this cooling technology in Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

We also heard from a source that this cooling technology could also come for the Galaxy Note 22 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Since this Galaxy S22 is not coming this year and we don’t have complete detail of this phone, we only get information. So we expect you to bear with us and wait for more details to come our way.


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