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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra To Come With 108MP Camera

Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung will be one of the first manufacturers to be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 895 processor. The first model of the processor is the Galaxy S22 series. Now the details of this flagship are being exposed. On July 6th, the Chinese blogger leaked information that says that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will not follow up with 200 million pixels and will polish the third generation of 108 million pixels.

However, it was previously rumored and widely covered by various magazines along with camera renders, the report said that Galaxy S22 will probably feature a 200MP camera sensor, On the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung is equipped with the HM3 sensor, which uses the Super PD Plus phase focusing function, adding a microlens above the phase focusing point, thereby increasing the focusing speed by 50%.

From the breaking news, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may continue to use the HM3 sensor, with the new ISP and software algorithm tuning, its imaging performance is worth looking forward to. It is worth noting that there is news that Samsung will cooperate with Olympus to create images for the Galaxy S22 series.

We still have two different opinions and rumors on the camera sensor, but the latest one is also considerable. Currently, Huawei’s cooperation with the Leica company is obvious, Huawei’s mobile phone has long been the highest among DxOMark ratings. OnePlus also began to cooperate with Hasselblad, thus making the OnePlus 9 series of mobile phones and it is also equipped with a 108MP camera sensor. Therefore, Olympus may also join hands with Samsung to improve the image performance of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

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