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Samsung: New GDDR6 sends graphics cards over 1 terabyte/s

Samsung Electronics has managed to boost the performance of the GDDR6 graphics memory again. Premium graphics cards coming to market in the near future should noticeably benefit from this. The new chips achieve a transfer speed of 24 gigabits per second. Because several such chips are placed on a corresponding graphics card, which can then also be addressed in parallel by the controller, throughput speeds of up to 1.1 terabits per second can be achieved, the manufacturer now reports.

The separate memory chips of the new series have a capacity of 16 gigabits. They are manufactured using the company’s 10-nanometer systems, which utilize Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. Samsung also relies on high-k metal ports that can handle higher power.

Also for notebooks

Compared to the previous top models of its own GDDR6 series, the manufacturer has achieved a performance improvement of no less than 30 percent with the same standards as before. Samsung promises full compatibility with the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) specifications for graphics memory, so it can also be used seamlessly for applications such as AI calculations.

The memory chips can also be used with dynamic voltage changes, resulting in significant energy savings, especially in idle mode. This also makes the components interesting for use in notebook computers, where they save battery power during mobile use. It is not yet clear when exactly the first graphics cards with the new chips will be available in the shops. However, Samsung stated that testing with a major GPU manufacturer should begin later this month.

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