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Samsung gives away free Relumino Glasses to the visually impaired in Korea

Samsung has something quite amazing for the visually impaired. Recently, the company has distributed free Relumino Glasses to the visually impaired. The product was distributed at the Gyeonggi Welfare Center for the Blind in South Korea. The company has taken this initiative in order to establish the usability of the product. Previously, the company unveiled the Relumino Mode for Smart TVs at CES 2023. Such technology enables the visually impaired to view the content more clearly.

Relumino by Samsung is accompanied by the Relumino app. It utilizes the processing power of the smartphone to enhance the recognition rate of objects by taking into account the remaining vision of people that have low vision. Furthermore, it is a glass-type wearable device. In order to use the device, install the dedicated app and connect the wearable device via a cable to the smartphone.

The Relumino Glass work by taking images from the cameras inserted into the wearable device. Followed by this, the images are transferred into a form that enhances the recognition rate for people with low vision. The device is mainly aimed at people who are 90% blind. The overall tech relies on advanced image processing. It consists of contour emphasis, enlargement/reduction, and color inversion/contrast. All of these activities are performed by the Relumino app.

Besides this, the Relumino app uses a UI that is based on tactile sense. It permits visually impaired people to control it without looking at the screen of the smartphone. Presently, Relumino is going to integrate advancements in the perspective of safety and usage. t is undergoing clinical trials, SW verification, reliability tests, and user evaluations. All just to improve the product overall.

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