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Twitter is planning to pay its Blue tick content creators, through ad revenue


Content creators have found their way to get ad revenue from social media platforms via Twitter’s blue subscription. This latest news was announced by Elon Musk recently. He stated that Twitter will not join other social media platforms in paying content creators a portion of ad revenue.

There are quite a lot of content creators that are using Twitter as a platform to promote their content and get connected with their followers. After the recent announcement, these content creators are able to make some money through these promotions, but first they need to fill in some requirements of the platform.

Blue subscribers need to be fully active in order to earn ad revenue

As per information from Twitter’s latest ad revenue plan, the very initial requirement to get paid for ad revenues is that a user should be a “blue tick” subscriber. He needs to pay for a BlueTick subscription if he needs to get paid through advertising revenue.

Users must apply for this subscription in order to obtain it. You can apply for a subscription by heading to Settings > Monetization > Subscription. Following these steps will lead you to an application page where they can fill it out in order to start earning. The page might be unavailable to some users, but they can keep checking for its availability.

After getting this information, the first question that comes to mind is about payment criteria. We can deduce from this information that Twitter will use its ad revenue to pay its subscribers. Although we can’t be sure of the payment criteria just yet,

Since the day of this announcement, many users have moved on to Twitter and already bought subscriptions. We can hope to get some more information about these payment criteria in the coming days. For now, you can subscribe to a “blue tick” subscription if you want to get paid through this latest program.