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Samsung helps DISH to introduce 5G network in the US

Reportedly, Samsung Networks has completed the shipment of 24,000 Open Ran-compliant 5G radios to DISH networks. It was done to help with the nationwide release of the 5G network in the US. In addition to this, the tech company is also associated with providing 5G vRAN solutions. These will be supplied for the maintenance of the 5G network of DISH in the country.

In May 2022, the two companies unveiled their partnership. It was basically a multi-year partnership. For the last couple of months, Samsung is working on the supply of 5G O-RAN radios to DISH. Both companies have spent a year working on the infrastructure, installation, and testing of the sites. Reportedly, the South Korean conglomerate has offered:

  • vDU (Virtualized Distributed Unit)
  • vCU (Virtualized Central Unit)
  • Open RAN-compliant 5G radios

In addition to this, the company has manufactured custom dual-band and tri-band Open RAN-compatible 5G radios as per the requirement of its partner.  It is reported that the two companies will continue to work in close association in order to achieve the target of spreading the 5G network across the US. The 5G network will provide users with fast and reliable internet.

Samsung is a significant participant in the DISH Wireless Open RAN ecosystem. It was developed in partnership with other industry leaders in Open RAN. These consist of Dell, VMware, AWS, and others. As we move towards covering 70% of the U.S. population, DISH Wireless is able to continue building out its multi-vendor, open, and interoperable 5G cloud-native network. We are thankful to Samsung’s 5G vRAN technology and our joint innovation approach, says Marc Rouanne, EVP and Chief Network Officer, DISH Wireless.

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