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Samsung Increased Smartphone Prices

Samsung is the first company to revise the smartphone prices after the latest depreciation of rupee against the dollar. Pakistan rupees has devalued and that has affected the prices of various imported products in the country.

Smartphones are a vital imported item that has witnessed an increase in price.

The price hike that Samsung has announced on its flagship series is highly significant. This announcement is like a shock for many Pakistanis since Note 9 was already a costly phone while the J-series was a much friendlier option budget wide.

Furthermore, Samsung might increase the price of its other mobile phones too in the coming days.

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The Samsung’s smartphones that have experienced the price hike are:

Samsung Smartphones Revised Prices

Samsung SmartphoneOlder Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)
Galaxy Note 9 Rs. 129,999Rs.139,999
Galaxy J4+Rs. 23,499 Rs. 24,999
Galaxy J6+ Rs. 29,499 Rs. 31,499
Galaxy J4 Rs. 18,499 Rs. 19,999
Galaxy J6 Rs. 25,999 Rs. 27,999

While the J-series witnessed a jump of maximum rupees two thousand from its previous prices, note 9 has experienced a major price hike by ten thousand rupees from its earlier price.

So far, no price changes have been announced by Xiaomi, Honour or Huawei, but it is just a matter of time before every smartphone brand would be following in the footsteps of Samsung.

The much worst news is for the iPhone users as they would be facing the biggest price hikes as they have to buy the phone from third-party vendors since Apple has got no official stores in Pakistan. The already expensive phone would get a price increase with the additions of the vendor’s commission and the depreciation of rupee.

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