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Samsung introduces PM9C1a: a new high-performing SSD

Samsung Electronics is going to hit the market with a new high-performing SSD. It is going to be a predecessor of PM9B1 SSD. The new high-performance PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD is named PM9C1a. It is going to be utilized in various laptops as well as PCs. In addition to this, the new SSD is accompanied by several improvements in performance as well as power efficacy.

Reportedly, the PM9C1 utilizes the seventh-generation V-NAND tech by Samsung. Furthermore, it has a new controller that is built on the 5nm process of Samsung. Due to these improvements, the new PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD is capable of providing 70% higher power efficiency per watt. It is more than what we used to get from PM9B1 SSD. Besides these enhancements, the new SSD consumes less power when the device is in standby mode.

Apart from the speed efficiency characteristics of SSD, it is also capable of presenting 1.6x faster sequential read speeds. Moreover, it provides 1.8x faster sequential write speeds in contrast to the PM9B1. The tech company claims that the new SSD is capable of reaching 6,000 MB/s and 5,600 MB/s in both sequential read/write speeds. On the other hand, it supports around 900K and 1,000K IOPS (input/output operations per second) of random read and writes speeds.

In addition to this, the new SSP extends its support to the Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE) standard. DICE standard is established by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). In this way, the security system creates cryptographic keys. These cryptographic keys are created inside the SSD which in turn are used for device authentication as well as protection from cyberattacks. Thus, eliminating the possible threats that could be accessed via liabilities in the company’s supply network.

As per the information, the tech giant will introduce three storage configurations as well as three sizes of  PM9C1A M.2 SSD. These will be 256GB (22 x 30mm), 512GB (22 x 42mm), and 1TB (22 x 80mm). besides this information, the official launch date and pricing are unknown at the moment. Since Samsung declared production readiness for SSD as of today. Thus, indicating that the new SSD could hit the global market soon.

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