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Samsung introduces the Bespoke Family Hub Refrigerator with a giant 32-inch display

CES 2023 is just a wait of a few more days. As the event is approaching, more and more companies are shedding light on their latest products. Today we have gained some information about the forthcoming refrigerator by Samsung. This refrigerator is named the Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator. According to the information, this refrigerator is accompanied by a 32-inch touchscreen display. This 32-inch touchscreen display can be utilized in various ways. For instance, it can be used to watch videos, find recipes, view photos, control smart home devices, or post notes.

The Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus will be showcased at CES 2023 at the Samsung booth. In comparison, the previous generations of refrigerators had 21.5-inch displays. However, the latest product is equipped with more than double the size of the previous generation i.e., 32-inch. In the US, users could gain access to around more than 190 channels. Whereas users in South Korea can access around 80 channels via Samsung TV Plus app. In addition to this, videos are compatible with picture-in-picture mode.

One important thing to note here is that the display is in portrait mode. However, it is augmented for vertical format videos as well from platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram. Users can benefit from the Bespoke Atelier app of Samsung. They can display their paintings and artwork on the screen via this app.

Furthermore, the refrigerator has default settings for SmartThings. Thus, indicating that users won’t have to purchase an individual IoT hub. It is equipped with six services of SmartThings. These services include the following: SmartThings Clothing Care, SmartThings Home Care, SmartThings Cooking, SmartThings Pet Care, SmartThings Energy, and SmartThings Air Care.

Previous models of Family Hub Refrigerators had only integration for OneDrive. But the most recent model has support for Google Photos. In addition to this, the tech giant Samsung has also added the integration for Amazon Your Essentials. Thus, making groceries order easier with just a single tap. We can expect that the refrigerator will be available for sale in the US and South Korea in a few weeks followed by the event.

The VP of the Home Appliance division of Samsung Electronics, Lee Jun-Hwa, mentioned that the newly launched version of the Bespoke Family Hub Refrigerator presents users with a vast experience similar to a large screen. He further added that the next upgrades will be in line with the style trends.

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