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Samsung introduces the latest connected Bespoke refrigerators in India

Various tech companies come forward with various products at the Consumer Electronics Show event in 2023. Among these companies, some introduced amazing home appliances. similarly, Samsung also introduced the recent lineup of Bespoke home appliances at the CES event in 2023. It has now been announced by the tech firm that it is going to introduce its new Bespoke refrigerators in India. Interestingly, the top products in the Bespoke refrigerators range were manufactured in India. It is equipped with various community-specific features. these features were particularly designed based on consumer feedback.

The 2023 series of Bespoke refrigerators is quite unique. It features the Bespoke Family Hub Refrigerator. The products display various advanced features. For instance, it has Wi-Fi connectivity as well as SmartThings. Such features can be accessed via the SmartThings app presented on various platforms like Android, iOS, and even Windows devices. Thus, optimizing the measures for providing high power efficiency through the AI Energy Saving mode. This product suits well with Samsung’s mission of ‘Powering Digital India.’ In addition to this, the products are showcased with a 5-in-1 mode for customizable storage. It also has Twin Cooling+ for faster cooling, and Curd Maestro to prepare curd. Users can even detach the curd-making compartment when it is not required.

Furthermore, the lineup has a water tank with a capacity of 4.5L for providing ice and cold water directly from the dispenser. The interesting fact is that the dispenser doesn’t require a connection to a water supply source. Moreover, all the refrigerators of the 2023 Bespoke lineup consist of an Auto Open Door feature. This feature opens the door to the refrigerator when the users place their hands on it.

The product is presented with four color options for the Bespoke Glass Finish. They are Clean Pink, Glam Deep Charcoal, Clean White, and Clean Navy. Additionally, it is presented with a 653L capacity. It is one of the first star products in India that is presented with a warranty of 20 years. It is available in-store and online.