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Alternatives to Windows Mail to Try Out in 2023


Windows Mail – or just Mail as some refer to it now – is a great tool for team communication. However, since not all teams are the same, it’s worth conducting some research on other similar and vastly different email applications. The market has a variety to choose from, and the right one can save you time and be more relevant to your needs.

We did some research, and now our concise list of the top four to try will help you optimize communication with your team this year. 



Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs, so you do need to pay to use it. For some, it’s worth the cost to enjoy benefits such as easier organizing of emails compared to apps like Windows Mail. Features like unsubscribing to mass emails, creating rules for your inbox, and categorizing emails can help you streamline workflows, save time, and feel more organized. 

The Outlook interface looks cluttered, which is one reason some prefer Mail’s simple layout. There’s a multitude of icons, tabs, and information, but once you’re comfortable using it, all you need to be productive is only a click away. 

Who Should Use it?

The mass of tools and information available on the Inbox interface makes Outlook dynamic for many in the workplace. Also, if you use other MS Office products, thanks to easy integration with them, it makes sense to use Outlook for your emails. 



Spike takes a completely original and refreshing approach to manage emails. It gives you the option of viewing emails in a similar way to how you view messages on messaging apps, making it easier to follow a discussion or find information. It’s more user-friendly than scrolling down a long email thread while still offering benefits such as sharing attachments.

It leaves the exact setup to you, with the option to still view it as a traditional email inbox if you want. Alternatively, toggle between organizing the conversation option according to ‘contacts’ or ‘subjects.’ Because you can sign in with multiple email addresses and view them all on one platform, you’ll improve workflows. It improves collaboration because colleagues can have a team chat using the ‘group chat’ feature, and the less formal message layout tends to boost engagement.

Furthermore, Spike helps save time by allowing you to manage multiple work aspects, like your calendar and notes, without navigating to other apps or software. 

Who Should Use it?

For anyone tired of wasting time trying to find details of conversations in confusing email threads, Spike is a possible solution. Because it’s appropriate for business but also personal use, you can consider it for any size team and improve communication and engagement with each other. 



Thunderbird is a free email tool that also has chat, calendar, and newsfeed features. So, with one application, you can improve team interaction with emails, helpful team chat conversations, and scheduling of meetings.

Whether you use Linux, Windows, or Mac, you can try this app. However, be prepared for aesthetics and navigation that seem much less modern than other apps on this list. 

Although not as well-known as Outlook, it is very similar in the variety of available features and how it helps you organize your emails. From rules for the automated organizing of emails to mail encryption, it’s all there. 

An attractive feature of Thunderbird is that it’s an OpenSource project, which means any developer can create additional features for it that you can utilize. Over time this has led to an extensive set of helpful extras to utilize for your personal or business use.

There are solutions for many common office and communication challenges, such as spell-checking, auto-archiving, and easy mail organization. 

Who Should Use it?

If you’re looking for a robust email solution that’s also free, Thunderbird is worth a try. 

eM Client


Firstly, this is a paid-for program if you want all the beneficial features. The free trial helps you determine whether it’s what you need before committing to it long-term though. 

Its features are not as extensive as the ones you’ll find on Thunderbird or MS Outlook. However, some users may appreciate the interface that’s simpler than Outlook. 

It has a variety of helpful tools and offers good security. Features include everything from undoing a sent mail to instant translation, email scheduling, and rules to automatically organize emails. It’s a robust list of features, but not overwhelming and doesn’t require a long onboarding process. 

eM Client is available for both iOS and Windows devices. 

Who Should Use it?

If you need more tools than Windows Mail offers but don’t enjoy the Outlook layout and range of features, eM Client may be a good product to try. Also, if your team uses Apple devices as well as computers with Windows operating systems, this app could be ideal.

Integrated translation tools make this app appropriate for teams with members from around the globe. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to communication resources for business or personal use, always start with listing your exact needs. Are you after an extensive list of features that Outlook can provide, or will the streamlined chat layout of Spike help you get done in your day? Windows Mail has its benefits, but as you can see, it’s worth comparing other options to improve your workflows this year.

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